‘We Care, We Share, We Value’

Reception 2019 - 2020

Miss Green

Reception Teacher

Welcome to Reception.

Our Routine

​Our school day begins at 8:45am.  Children are encouraged to come in to school independently.

Your child has their own coat peg, in the cloakroom, and a tray in class.  Any letters to be sent home will be put in their tray, along with any personal belongings.  At the end of each day, the children check their trays for anything that needs to be taken home.

Your child should have received their free book bag. Please make sure this comes in to school every day. The book bag will contain a reading book and planner. Please write any messages you have for myself, in the planner, and record when you have heard your child read in here also. You should be reading with your child every night. There is a space at the end of each weekly page, for you to sign your child’s planner.

Each morning we have ‘carpet time’.  This starts with registration, listening to any ‘news’ your child may like to share, and a daily ‘Read Write Inc. session (phonics), where we learn a different sound every day, then learn to blend those sounds together to eventually be able to read words independently.

After carpet time is over, the children are then given ‘free choice’ around the classroom (or outdoors if they prefer), with adult directed tasks available also. 


​Snack is available throughout the day, as and when children want it.  Milk, water and healthy snacks are on offer for the children.

We ask for a weekly donation of £1 as a parental donation towards snack.



​Children may access the outdoor area as and when they choose throughout the day, We have a range of activities available outdoors and in the process of developing our outdoor area.  We have lots of ideas to enhance out outdoor learning environment.

Our ‘Mud Kitchen’ is one of the most popular areas. We provide waterproof jackets and pants for the children to put on if they want to play in the mud kitchen.

Please provide wellies for your child (with their name in), which can be kept in the cloakroom for them to put on if the weather in bad.


Dinner time

​The children go for their dinner at 11:30.  Myself, Miss McLoughlin and Mrs Brown stay with the children while they are eating their dinner.  We teach them table manners and how to use a knife, fork and spoon correctly.  The children go on to the infant playground at 12o’clock.  Dinner time ends at 1pm.

Afternoon session

​At 1pm we start our Maths carpet session.  When this has finished, the children can access free play both indoors or outdoors, if they prefer.  Adult directed tasks will be available.

Come and See/Collective Worship

​Each day, we have some quiet time, or ‘collective worship’.  We light a candle, play some quiet music and think about people who may need our prayers.  Our Religious Education scheme is called ‘Come and See’.  During come and see sessions, we learn about the Catholic faith through topics such as ‘Families’, ‘Baptism’, ‘Celebrating’ etc.


​In the welcome pack you received when your child got a place at Holy Cross, there was a form for you to sign which granted permission for your child to take part in trips within our local area.  We often walk to Central library, in the town centre, and sometimes down to Foster’s Field (a large, enclosed field shared between Holy Cross and Parish School).  There will be other trips through out the year, along with ‘treat days’ at the end of each term. We will sometimes ask for help from parents for our trips.

Monster Points

​Holy Cross has taken on a whole-school approach to encourage positive behaviour. ‘Monster Points’ are given out for good behaviour (being kind, being focussed, achieving a personal target, being helpful, being a good friend etc).  The children are given a target, to achieve 50 monster points by the end of each term.  If they achieve this, they can participate in a class ‘treat’.

Last year Reception class had an ice cream-factory, a water party and a cinema afternoon as their treat days.



 Please ensure your child has a full P.E. kit on their peg.  This can stay in school however we will send them home to be washed every half term.  Please make sure your child’s name is in every item! (including pumps).


I am sure your child will enjoy their time in Reception class.  They have certainly made an excellent start and I am excited to see how they progress and grow throughout the year.

Miss Green

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