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"The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives."

The National Curriculum

The National Curriculum is the agenda for teaching and learning in schools.  It establishes the subjects taught and the knowledge, skills and understanding required for each subject.  It also sets standards for each subject, outlining targets that children should be encouraged to achieve.  additionally, the National Curriculum dertermines the assessment methods that are used to measure children's progress.

Schools have the opportunity to choose how to best teach the National Curriculum to their pupils, and to create their own lesson plans and learning methods according to their individual requirements

The National Curriculum is determined and developed by the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA). The QCDA is part of the Department for Children, Schools and Family.  As well as setting the National Curriculum, the QCDA arranges assessments, exams and tests, and make decisions about the qualifications that pupils can take.

Holy Cross school follows the content of the statutory curriculum for primary schools 2014. Click the button above to find out more about it. 

‚ÄčThe curriculum is delivered through a Learning Challenges format to engage pupils, identify prior learning and develop key skills and knowledge.  All topic work involves an SMSC (spiritual moral, social, cultural) question to enhance pupils' understanding of the world and develop their reflective skills.

Curriculum Maps- Themes and topics by year group.

Please see class pages for yearly curriculum overviews.

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