‘We Care, We Share, We Value’

Home Learning

Hi Reception!

We hope you are all smiling and keeping safe by staying at home laugh We are missing you all very much.  We love to see your pictures on Twitter and would love you to carry on tweeting! 

Here are some activities for you to try at home. 

I will leave you with the link (below) to our favourite song in class, which seems very appropriate now 


Rainbow Colours Song

Stay safe, we miss you all,

Miss Green and Miss McLoughlin.

Come and See

Monday   - Come and See RE –  Our World

Show picture of Azmera from Ethiopia collecting water with her mother.


  • What is Azmera doing?
  • How is Azmera taking care of the world?
  • How do we take care of the world?
  • What does it mean to praise God?
  • How can we work together to praise God’s wonderful world?


Explain that one of the wonderful things we praise God for is water. It is a precious gift from God and we need to use it well and not waste it.



  • Why is water so precious?
  • What can we do to help save water?


Explain that every time you use water in school this week, we will put a cube or counter in a tub or jar (e.g. flushing the toilet, washing hands, playing in the water tray). At the end of the week, count up the cubes to show how often we use water.



Share the Let’s praise God together PowerPoint presentation (available on the files below). Talk about how we are all part of God’s global family. Explain that CAFOD works with all people because God made all people equal. We all share in God’s wonderful world and should take care of it together,remembering to praise God.

Activity: Can you Make a sign for home as a reminder not to waste water?

Collective Worship

For families



Jesus calls us in this passage to come to him and learn from him. Now more than ever we may feel the need to be self-sufficient and ‘keep going’. Take time as you worship together today to give over anxieties, concerns and ‘to-do’ lists to God and learn to rest in him.



Use this prayer as you begin your time of worship together. Nominate a leader or all join in together.

Father God,
we come to you to find rest today.
Help us to be ready to learn from you.



Share the Bible story using the idea below to help you explore it together.

Bible story

Open the Bible at Matthew 11.16-19,25-30: Jesus reassures us that no matter how busy life is, if we ask him, he will share our burdens and give us rest.



Explain that this story happens in a marketplace. Encourage everyone to help pack some shopping, e.g. fruit, vegetables, bread and tinned food into a large rucksack. Put on the rucksack and then read the story as you walk around the room. When Jesus asks the crowd to come to him, take off your rucksack. Finish by showing everyone a picture of a yoke and talking about what it was.

Matthew 11.16-19,25-30

Jesus notes that both he and John the Baptist failed to meet people’s expectations. Jesus thanks God that the point of his ministry has been revealed to the simple rather than the wise, and calls on people to learn how to live from him.


Prepare a pass the parcel. In the centre, place a picture of lots of people, in the next layer the word ‘Father’, then ‘Son’, then ‘everything’, then a smiley face, then a play person. Tell the story, passing the parcel round the circle, opening a wrapper at each * in the story.

Jesus said, ‘Thank you, God, that you have hidden all things from the wise people but have shown them to the ordinary people.*

This makes you happy.*

You have given me all things.*

Only God the Father really knows his Son, Jesus.*

Only Jesus the Son really knows God the Father.*

But the Son will tell other people so they can know God too.’*




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