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Art & Design

What makes a good Art and Design pupil at Holy Cross?

A passion for trying new techniques with a willingness to make mistakes in order to improve.  An ability to investigate and learn from artists in order to replicate and then use techniques and ideas.  An ability to reflect honestly and accurately on own work.


Art and Design at Holy Cross


High quality and purposeful Art and Design will stimulate creativity and imagination.

It gives children an opportunity to understand the world through visual and tactile experiences and gives them opportunities to explore the world around them by expressing what they see, feel and think through colour, texture, pattern and line and by using different materials and processes.

Art and design will enhance pupils understanding of contextual knowledge within other curriculum subjects by broadening their experiences and use of vocabulary.


High quality teaching that is appropriately pitched to individuals and develops subject specific vocabulary.

 Providing a range of mediums for children to explore.

 Children given opportunity to develop a range of artistic skills: create and evaluate.

 Enrichment opportunities such as extra-curricular clubs.

 Succinct assessment based on key skills and understanding which ensures learning is well pitched and matched to individual needs.

 Art has a high profile within the school community and children enjoy regular lessons that are highly valued.

Follow a clearly sequenced and progressive program of study based on the National Curriculum objectives.

 Nurturing a resilient learning attitude towards art.


 Children discover new interests and talents.

Children confidently apply their artistic knowledge to other areas of learning.

 Outcomes at the end of each Key Stage is good or better.

 Children understand how culture and history links to art.

Pupils develop a wider vocabulary and use descriptive language in response to art.

 Children enjoy art lessons and are confident to ‘have a go’.

 Demonstrate a love or appreciation of art and talk with increasing confidence about a range of genres and artists.

 Children talk confidently about their learning in Art using appropriate and technical vocabulary.


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