‘We Care, We Share, We Value’

School Dog

This is Fig our school dog. 

She was born in May 2021 and is a corgi poodle mix. 


IMG_1232 (2).PNG

Whilst Fig is still not a fully mature adult dog yet, she will work mostly one-to-one with children and she will be in school everyday to get used to our school family, the building and the many different sounds.  Once she has finished her training she will undertake tasks to support emotional well-being, attendance and reading, to name a few.


The school has a ‘no dogs’ policy

Our school does have a ‘no dogs’ policy, however because Fig is specifically our school therapy dog in training, specific rules will apply to her and her alone (please see our School Dog Policy which is available on our website. Paper copies are also available from the school office). Fig will be on a lead at all times when moving around the school and will always be accompanied by a member of staff. She will also be fully insured to carry out his role therefore allowing her to be on the school site.

We hope you will join us in welcoming Fig to Holy Cross and embrace all that she has to offer the school. Although we do not envisage Fig coming into regular contact with the children for several months, there will be times when she is introduced to classes and assemblies without physical contact.