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Career Aspirations

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Career Aspirations

Studies show that, from as young as seven years old, 81% of children base their career aspirations on people they know (36%), or the media content they consume (45%), with school being cited as the biggest influence on career choices in less than 1% of children. This has powerful implications for social mobility, as children from areas with high levels of poverty and deprivation have fewer role models, poorer access to information and, as a result, limited aspirations for the world of work.


At Holy Cross, we aim to change that.


Through working with St. Helens Chamber, our community partners and other local employers, we are committed to showcasing a variety of careers by providing children with opportunities to speak to role-models. 


Our aims are:


To raise aspirations for children – inspiring long-term career goals

To provide children with opportunities to experience careers they may be interested in

To give children the information they need to realise their full potential

To break down any barriers our children might experience relating to career choices, such as traditional gender roles or socio-economic factors