‘We Care, We Share, We Value’

Our Virtues to Live By


Catholic Character Education through 'Virtues to Live By'

Catholic character education promotes a shared vision of life based on Christ centred virtues that seeks the flourishing of pupils, young people and all members of the school community. This shared vision, embodied in the ethos of the school from which all educational activities proceed, calls pupils, young people and all members of the school community to grow in positive personal strengths called virtues. These virtues are broad and balanced and include the theological, moral, civic, intellectual, and performance based virtues.

“Character education and the formation of all aspects of the human person through the pursuit of the virtues not only enhances the education of the individual and respects their dignity, it promotes the common good and the flourishing of human society in the world. Much of the report’s vision for ‘growing in the virtues’ is already incorporated into and spearheading my vision for the education and formation of our children and young people for vocation and leadership in the schools and parishes of the Diocese of Leeds. I encourage all Catholic leaders and staff to reflect on the research and the recommendations of this report and to discern how the Church’s vision for education in the virtues can, in collaboration with families and parishes, be embodied within the context and life of each Catholic school.” (Rt. Rev.d Marcus Stock, Bishop of Leeds, Foreword, Catholic Character Education, 2018)

“Virtues to Live By” enables us to improve the school community’s virtue literacy and to deepen understanding and appreciation of the essential role the virtues play in the education of the whole person towards human flourishing. The virtues chosen are common across cultures and faiths, but are sourced from the Christian tradition. They are linked directly to work in the Diocese of Leeds on the virtues and character education.


The chosen virtues are linked to the academic year and run on a two year cycle:

Year 1

Autumn  Spring  Summer
Respect/Courtsey Faith Resilience/Perseverance
Thankfulness Simplicity   Kindness
Hope Love/Charity Honesty
Patience Forgiveness Service

Year 2

Autumn  Spring  Summer
Love of Learning Friendship Confidence
Citizenship Love of Neighbour Trust
Prayer Self-control Courage
Generosity Reflection Wisdom


“Virtues to Live by” Guiding Principles  

To ensure children and young people are given opportunities to:  

  1. Experience a positive and purposeful ethos providing a sense of belonging to their school community.
  2. Grow in their knowledge and understanding of the virtues.
  3. Practise the virtues to further the call to live life to the full.   
  4. Appreciate the connection between biblical and practical wisdom and living.   
  5. Hear the Christian story and encounter it in practice. 
  6. Understand their uniqueness and dignity as made in the image and likeness of God. 
  7. Know that our limitations are also opportunities for growth.   
  8. To notice, to reflect, to pray and to play 
  9. To exercise the cognitive, affective and behavioural components of character: know it in your head, feel it in your heart and show it with your hands. 

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